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Djinanna ([personal profile] djinanna) wrote2009-04-21 04:20 am
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**waves in transit**

This post for two things. Quickly, because it's gonna be a busy day for me and this is probably the only time I'll have until *late* to post anything.

1. Testing cross-posting to my new Dreamwidth account. And yes, I'm Djinanna there, too.

2. Wishing my Ben ([personal profile] kc_risenphoenix) a happy-happy birthday.

kc_risenphoenix: (Whether or Not...)

[personal profile] kc_risenphoenix 2009-05-18 03:18 am (UTC)(link)
I did it! I am here! And you are the first to friend grant me access! (((HUG))) How fitting is that?

Maybe you should be the first to comment? *G*

You will have to talk to me some night and help me figure this thing out!

Love you!